A Leader In Our Community for Over 125 Years

A Leader In Our Community for Over 125 Years

Community Notices & Announcements

At Toledo Refining, we recognize that we are not only a part of the community, but we are obligated to be leaders in our community. We will, and must earn the right to operate here. We pledge to do our best to operate safely and soundly and keep you- our community- informed at all times. This website is dedicated to that mission.

Ultra-Low-Emission Green Locomotive Unveiled at Toledo Refinery

Rail operations at Toledo Refining Company are getting cleaner, greener and better for the community! Savage Services repowered the NREC N-ViroMotive locomotive it uses to switch railcars at the refinery. The upgrade means significantly reduced emissions, fuel consumption, noise, and better efficiency.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do!

This is the Operating Doctrine of Toledo Refining and our Parent Company, PBF Energy.

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